Jets had the best draft

1. Leonard Williams

The NO. 1 rated player in the draft, what a lucky grab for them. Lining him up with Wilkerson and Richardson will be insane to watch. Williams landed into the perfect scenario for him, great players around him and a great head coach in Bowles.

2. Devin Smith

This guy is my 2nd rookie WR I am most excited about watching; after DeVante Parker. He is speedy and extremely talented at playing physical and attacking the ball in the air. Type of WR a QB can trust to throw it up to when he is not wide open and expect him to put full effort, going after the football.


3. Lorenzo Mauldin

Not the most gifted linebacker, but he has a high motor. If he plays aggressive every play, he will find plenty of plays to make with that defensive line in front of him.

4. Bryce Petty

He doesn’t have great mobility, but it’s good enough. He is good at extending plays and making things happen outside the pocket. Petty has great leadership abilities, which is one of the most important skills for a NFL QB, something the Jets have been lacking for a while.

I like this pick by the Jets, definitely worth a 4th round pick. He will certainly be better than Geno, which isn’t saying much, but I also think he has a good chance at panning out better than Winston and Mariota.

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Tim Tebow


Tebow did succeed in the only year he was given a chance.









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Chip Kelly’s offense will not work

Chip needs to switch up his system a little bit, right now it is complete junk.


If the Eagles can keep a drive going without any incompletions or any other hiccups, then it will be successful and tire out the opposing teams defense; at least for that drive. As long as the opposing teams offense can keep a drive going then their defense should be well rested for the next series. Running more plays might make them more sore for the next day, but I don’t see it having any real effect on the players, as long as their offense can keep them off the field.

The Chip system can really tire out the Eagles defense more than the opposing teams defense. If the Eagles offense goes 3 and out, Phillys defense will be back on the field super fast without any time to rest up for the next series. With how fast the Eagles offense goes, they can do a lot more than 3 plays and still be off the field way too fast for their defense.

Thankfully Chip learned to slow it down at the end of the game when they had the lead in 2014, in 2013 he was awful at wasting the clock.

I also don’t like that he didn’t adapt at all when Sanchez was in at QB, that offense was clearly too fast for him. The no huddle is fine, but give the guy some time to read the defense and adjust the play.

That last sentence brings up another great point; reading the defense is one of the most important aspects of a successful QB in the NFL. QB’s that can’t read the defense, do not succeed in the NFL, defensive coaches are too good and their schemes are too complex to just “wing it” against. Chip’s offense takes reading the defense away from his QB, by making him hike the ball as quickly as possible.

I’ll give Chip Kelly credit for his offense making LeSean MkendallcCoy look way better than he played last year, with those huge holes he was given to run through.

Exhausting his own defense is going to make it way too easy for QB’s like Brady, Manning, Luck, Rodgers, and Wilson to whoop on.

I know they had some injures but going by the roster, Philly has the most complete front 7 in the league last year. Bennie Logan, Fletcher Cox, Cedric Thornton, Vinny Curry, Trent Cole, Connor Barwin, Brandon Graham, DeMeco Ryans, and Mychal Kendricks is a ridiculously talent defensive front 7. If this defense was working with a Seattle type of offense, they could easily be one of the top defenses in the league. Obviously they need that secondary fixed as well.

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Titans need Rivers

Titans are a team with no leadership from the players. Mettenberger, Sankey, Delanie Walker, Harry Douglas, Justin Hunter, and Kendall Wright provide some decent talent but no real locker room presence. kendall

Kendall Wright is a great quick possession receiver, a good route running talent. He would fit really well in a Patriots or Peyton Manning type of offense, filling in the  “Welker” or “Edelman” spot.

Justin Hunter would work well in the right offense, a very simple offense. He is tall, big, and fast, great for just throwing the ball up and having him go get it. His route running is lackluster, he doesn’t always go to the right spot. He is definitely usable, maybe not a great fit for Whisenhunt offense, but would probably fit well on a team like the Seahawks.

Harry Douglas is one of the best slot receivers in the game. Extremely trustworthy, any QB would be blessed to have him. Not sure how he’ll be with the talent around him though.

Rivers would bring out the best from this offense, finally show us what these receivers can really do when they have a QB.

Drafting a player with the 2nd overall pick when they could trade for a guy like Rivers would be a complete waste. They do not have the coaches or players to help best transition a player into the NFL.

Leonard Williams would be the best player for them if they were to use that 2nd overall pick. Teaming him up with Jurrell Casey would give this team at least one are of strength.

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DeVante Parker

At 6’3″ and 209 lbs DeVante Parker is my favorite WR in this years draft. His ability to go up and attack the ball is incredible. He has great concentration and aggression when the ball is in the air.

Parker missed the first 7 games of his senior year with a foot injury, but still manged to catch 43 catches for 855 yards and 5 touchdowns. He finished his junior season with 55 receptions for 885 yards and tied a school record with 12 touchdowns, while starting 12 games.AIR-PARKER (1)

He will make a true number one receiver, that can be used at any point on the field. Has the ability to produce big plays from short passes, catch the deep balls and has the body size and jumping ability to be effective in the redzone.AIR-PARKER

Teams that need him:

Vikings. Would be give Bridgewater a receiver he can trust to throw the ball up to when under pressure. Also helps that Bridgewater threw 12 touchdowns to Parker in 2013 at Louisville.

Browns. Been a long time since the Browns have had a receiver that was productive for them for more than one year. Parker would finally give them a reliable receiver for years to come.

Rams. The defense has been playing good, so it is time to achieve the same consistency out of the offense. Kenny Britt is not the player he was before all the injuries, but would look a lot better next to Parker.

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Bucaneers drafting Winston would be a mistake

The Bucs are not a team ready for a mistake prone QB with off the field issues. Also Winston is not ready to start year on, especially for that mess of a team. The player talent cabinfor the Bucaneers is clearly above a 2 win team, the glaring problem with this organization is the lackluster coaching. I do not see the logic in making a player like Winston the face of a team that needs to spend this offseason working on their own issues.

A team is going to have trouble turning around if the offense is turning the ball over a lot; Winston threw 18 interceptions last year. Most teams make huge improvements by focusing on running the ball and defense, the Bucs should follow this. An easy way to greatly improve a team is by hanging on to the ball on offense while giving your defense plenty of rest.

They are in position to get a really good play in Leonard Williams to team up Gerald McCoy. Trading down is always a wise option when you have a top 10 pick. More unproven players with potential is better than less unproven players with potential. The secondary is the biggest weakness they have, moving down for safety Landon Collins or cornerbacks Trae Waynes/Jalen Collins.cabin

#1 pick should be: Leonard Williams, DE (USC)

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